Playroom Sneak Peak

I am working on room for my lil one to play on......

(My son 'OM' playing with dupatta)

I can prouly say that I am almost half way to that..well amost*smile*.....but I am like snail so lil crafty things or DIY things will take a lil (okay may be more) time....but have sneak peak.
Color I am choosing for furniture is white....and things that are not white that can be turned white using...


Don't worry it is kids playroom and will have loads of color....


and It will have something for us too...a thing called 'TV' *smile* .
We are getting a new big TV and Media console from pottery barn is already arrived ...want to see?? I bet you want but you have wait tiny wee bit long till big TV comes*sigh*..... so when that happens we are moving our current TV to this room so we can go there as many time as my son wants and we can all enjoy as family :)


I am so inspired by the tons of great inspirations I found on the internet and while I am working on this room for us to play on...I will share these inspirations on blog this week so stay tuned:)

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  1. Ur son is so cute,,.:) will be waiting for your post on decor,..

  2. So Cute!!! Can't wait to see decor of play room..

  3. You have a really cute , cute son.
    Happy painting, and big TV watching!!!

  4. cute photos nayana...lovely lovely

  5. oh my gosh.. super cute.. Cant wait.. Im away this week.. so will be back in two weeks.. to check all this out.. wow!!

  6. wow... nice photos... Can't wait to see what you have done ....!!

  7. wowie...I can sense the excitement! Waiting to see the results!

  8. Me too Naina , love everything abt your blog and son has a such a lovely smile:)

  9. I'm looking forward to see the the finished playroom.

    You named your son Om... that is so awesome.


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