Spotlight - AhKriti - Indian Inspired Ethnic Jewelry by Reshma Sandell

Today I am proudly featuring Reshma Sandell and her Indian Inspired Ethnic Jewelry - Ahkriti in Spotlight section here at CDl .

Here is what Reshma has to say about herself "
My name is Reshma Sandell and I live in Mississauga, Canada. My roots take me back to Bangalore, India where I was born and raised. I have worked as a banker for most part of my life before I moved to Canada.. I’m married to a wonderful man and I am a stay at home mom to 2 young girls. I am the creator behind Indian Inspired ethnic jewelry: Ahkriti.

Sandell family
How Ahkriti was born? she says "I have always loved to accessorise – be it hats, purses or jewelry. And this used to be my husband’s pet peeve that I spent way too much money on accessories. Our move from Vancouver, BC to Mississauga, ON gave me time for myself and one day, I saw myself being packed off for a beading class. And this is where it all began.
At first, I made jewelry for friends but when they started liking my style and complemented me that I should start my own line of jewelry, it got me thinking. I wanted to create something distinct, unique and a style that is affordable. I noticed that in Canada, there was is no market for the ethnic jewelry that I designed and hence I started Indian inspired ethnic jewelry by Ahkriti."

Polymer clay beads with sponge coral
Jewelry designing is de-stress mantra for her. she says "Coming from the land of the Taj Mahal, Mysore Silk and Kanjeevaram sarees – my inspirations are very vibrant and vivid. I love using silver in my creations, but because silver is getting expensive I also use pewter in my creations. I usually handpick the gemstones and findings, but I do have my online sources from whom I regularly purchase my materials"

Blue agate with multicolored pendant
Besides making Jewelry Reshma also enjoy making paper crafts with her daughters. she says,"I have always enjoyed receiving handicrafts and handmade stuff and the internet has opened a lot of windows to learn new things. Of late, I am very inclined towards origami.I enjoy travelling and am a total bollywood buff! I also hope that one day I will learn to play the piano." Reshma also blogs at Color Canopy and Masala mango mantra


When I asked her about what is the best reward in making these beautiful jewelry her is what she has to say " Albert Einstein once said,"Creativity is Contagious. Pass it on" I like to think that each creation of mine has a story and that the owner of an Ahkriti creation will pass on the beauty of Ahkriti to others by wearing it with oodles of style and confidence" aren't her thoughts are as beautiful as her creations.

Gold with coral turquoise and pearl

Reshma Hope to participate in craft shows more often and perhaps have a a boutique or studio built with brick and mortar of her very own someday but for now you can buy her creations at and and here is the great fun part, just in time for Christmas shopping she is giving 25% Off at her etsy shop for all CDL readers.Use Coupon Code:THANKYOU25 and get 25% off on all items. This coupon will be valid until Dec 31,2011.
all Images and Information by Reshma Sandell of Ahkriti creations.

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Crayon Monogram Art

'O' for OM

This is what I was working on today. yes, crayon art for lil Om's playroom. super easy and will look super cool in playroom, don't ya think?*smile* I love how it turned out.

Inspiration was found on Rainy Tuesday Mornings blog via favorite source Pinterest. If it interest you, Tutorial and template for letters is available on Rainy Tuesday Morning blog.

What I did was, drew o with and broke the crayons from middle using push pin(worked wonderfully). First I did arrangement on plain printer paper. I didn't had card stock or heavy duty paper so I took out my water color sheet, cut to the size and again drew o with bowl*smile* then put a glue over the letter and transferred crayons in the same order so did not have to think of proper arrangement again. It was super kinda DIY. Frame I used is RIBBA shadow box frame from Ikea.

So , one more DIY is checked off from to do list for playroom = me happy.

P.S. Cherish Dream Live is going to start Spotlight section to feature Artists, DIYers , Bloggers, Photographer etc. If you are one of them and would like to showcase your work here write me at nayana.cdl(at)

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Kids Playroom Inspirations -II

Sharing few more of favorite ideas found for kids room or playroom

This one is fun to play and fun to look at - hang that abacus on wall
(source From via my pinterest page)

I bet this will be most memorable - lil hand prints on canvas
(source From via my pinterest page)

This one is great too but I think it would look more cuter in girls room
(Source From via my pinterest page)

I love this one for toy car storage -magnetic knife rack from ikea.
so wanted to do this in playroom for Om but our local ikea has this oos for weeks*sigh*
(Source From via my pinterest page)

this is again more appropriate for girls...but so adorable
(source From via my pinterest page)

and this favorite*smile*
(source -From via my pinterest page)

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Kids Playroom Inspirations

As I am looking for inspirations for our playroom here are the ones that I liked most...

Love everything about this room...specially the maps and globes...
(source -From via my pinterest page)

Don't you just love these colorful and perfect for play room...Its paint chip art.
(source -From via my pinterest page)

How great and low cost this - Trash can for toy storage
(Source -From via my pinterest page)

Can you guess what used here as bookcases?
(Source -From via my pinterest page)

Its spice rack from Ikea..isn't it genius.

I absolutely adore this...Baking tray for all magnetic alphabet stuff
(Source - From via my pinterest page)

More toy storage idea -hanging garden planter to store toys...
(source - From via my pinterest page)

So do you love these? I am so stunned by creative idea all around.
Can you guess which one I used or going to use in our in playroom...

Playroom Sneak Peak

I am working on room for my lil one to play on......

(My son 'OM' playing with dupatta)

I can prouly say that I am almost half way to that..well amost*smile*.....but I am like snail so lil crafty things or DIY things will take a lil (okay may be more) time....but have sneak peak.
Color I am choosing for furniture is white....and things that are not white that can be turned white using...


Don't worry it is kids playroom and will have loads of color....


and It will have something for us too...a thing called 'TV' *smile* .
We are getting a new big TV and Media console from pottery barn is already arrived ...want to see?? I bet you want but you have wait tiny wee bit long till big TV comes*sigh*..... so when that happens we are moving our current TV to this room so we can go there as many time as my son wants and we can all enjoy as family :)


I am so inspired by the tons of great inspirations I found on the internet and while I am working on this room for us to play on...I will share these inspirations on blog this week so stay tuned:)

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Cherishing few more diwali moments.......

Hello my are you all? Diwali came and went but I am still eating sweets like there is no tomorrow...and on top of that all Halloween candy *smile* well...I have to you know...too much candy is not good for one and half year

I was going through pictures and realized I have not shared few of Diwali moments with you lets cherish them...



Haubby made these awesome lantern from baby food jar...actually I was supposed to make them but then I went to put my son to bed and fell he made them for me, isn't he sweetheart *smile*.


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