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All images by me clicked on Dhanteras: please do not use without prior permission.

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Bombay lingo tray from Artnight

Silk with Zari cushion cover set from Varnam

and Bharni tea light holders from Varnam

Diwali Decor - Light up with Candles

Hello my lovelies.....How are you all? Ready for lighting, rangoli, sweets.....? This weekend I managed to add a lil bit of lighting in my home for Diwali Decor...have a glimpse...


Brass vessel, floating candle, red dupatta of hubby's sherwani as table runner and It looked every bit of festive :) Big brass bowels are passed on to be my Mom in law and small brass bowels were from my Mom.




I thought hubby's sherwani dupatta looked very charming as a table runner so I couldn't help but using his other yellow sherwani dupatta between candles on shelf .....If you try something like this then be very careful that it should not touch the flame specially if you are using Diyas...we all want Happy Safe festival.....


In India on Diwali we start lighting diyas on Wagh baras (day before Dhanteras) and do til Pancham(fifth day after Diwali) maximum diyas will be lighted on the Day of Diwali...

With so many inspiration around in the blogland I am so ready to try different options for lighting on this Diwali....Have Happy Festive Season to you and your family my friends....

Linking this post to of spooks and sparkle at Patty and Itz Festival time- 2011 at Emreen

Porch decorated for fall

I have been wanting to show you all my tiny lil porch for so long but I have been busy. why? well, If you are keeping with SHUTTERBUG then you will know why? I am all ready to add bling bling for Diwali so thought now is the time to show you this *smile*.





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Gerber containter to beautiful Vase

Got any Gerber graduate puffs snack for Infant? I am sure after looking at this vase those with infants start looking in to kitchen cabinets and those who don't have infants will start thinking about a friend who has :)

One day I was going to throw the empty container in the recycling bin and it hit me..so I removed the wrapper and Voila I had a beautiful white vase and I love white vase:) wrapper is not at all sticky so its super easy to remove.

I love Zinnias you have seen so many Zinnia post this year...and I am sure this is not last one :) so I cut few Zinnia flowers from the plant and put them in to their new home - this beautiful container turned in to vase.

Just don't load it with too many flowers like whole bouquet and you will fine because container is light weight.


If you have more containers then I think trio of this would look good too. so got any gerber containers at home?

Diwali Decor - Lighting Inspirations

Today I am going to share another must for Diwali - Lighting Inspirations. Of course the festival of Lights/Diya need lighting and here are some fun way to do it.

How Pretty these looks, If do not have pedestal bowl use upside down glass and glass bowl on top.

Some bling with green - tie some greens to the candle holder or jars.

and How about using some handy kitchen beans/lentils as filler.
Ohh...this one will smell great too...tie some cinnamon sticks around candle holder/jar , I would use colorful ribbon for extra festive bling *smile*

So simple but very pretty - floating candles in jars.
floating candles and rose petals = divine in simple glasses

or make lantern using candle holder or glass jar...tell you what I am planning to use this festival season --baby food jars. did you ever got a chance to checkout my post on DIY Chandelier, I would love to do that only if I had tree to hung in the front yard.

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