Peek in to Master Bedroom





All you creative blog friends out there, I need your help.*smile* As you can see there is nothing on the walls yet and I am not able to decide on anything *sigh*

Which one looks better above the headboard?
1. Round mirror.
2. two square artwork.
3. wedding pics I already have. two 8x10 pics matted in 10x13 frames.

Also any suggestion for corner wall between dresser and window.

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  2. Such a cool and refreshing green on the bed. Art work with colors that can brighten up would be good. Try the wedding pics at hand and see if you like them. if I were you , I would have changed the dark blinds on the windows to either cream / or other colors in the art work you would pick. Too dark for a soothing bed room. Oops ! sorry if I should not have said that :-)

  3. Shanthi, you are totally right. blinds were installed by previous owner and we are going to replace it with curtains but haven't been able to do that yet...

  4. Your bedroom looks fresh and crisp with the green and white bed linens. Have you thought about curtains on the windows to soften them? What to put above the headboard.. the round mirror might be nice if it's large enough. That would be a contrasting shape to the square shapes with the bedside tables.
    What color is the art work you're considering? Can't wait to see how it turns out and what you decide.

  5. The green and white is so calm and soothing Nayana. Also love that motif. I would go for art work above the bed:) Can't wait to see it all come together:):)

  6. Wow!!Loved the bedroom furnishings with bed spread....very soothing.bright colored art work above the headboard and maybe be two candle scones on either sides of the dresser might be a suggestion:)

  7. Your room is so inviting. I love the color scheme you've chosen. I'll be anxious to see what you choose for over your headboard. hugs ~lynne~

  8. I like your idea of colorful bangles as vignettes on a table!! I suggest wedding pics (the more informal ones) framed above your headboard :)

  9. So neat and tidy. The frame looks awesome


  10. Hello Nayana. Thank you so much for leaving such lovely words in my space. Your blog is awesome too. Love the master bedroom.
    Since I already see a mirror on the side I wouldn't vote for mirror above the headboard. May get too much. Also if there is a wall without windows opposite to the headboard side, then mirror is not an option for me.
    Since the furniture are in dark hues I would vote for artwork which add color to the wall.

    Thanks and do keep visiting :-)

  11. i think pics are fit...but you say you already have them so i think a mirror will do :) nice bedroom :)

  12. Very fresh and beautiful bedroom. Try those wedding pics. Love the cool green and white bed linens...and those colourful!

  13. Like everyone else, I like the green. Very neat and tidy, which helps create a calm environ to rest in.
    2 suggestions-
    1/ your wood pieces & blinds are dark, put a slightly darker color on wall so not so much tonal contrast between wall & furn.
    2/ find a large frame at gw or yard sale, push carboard covered in thin batting and lovely fabric, install into frame, then hang above your bed. Fabric softens a room.

  14. Loved the bedding, Nayana! Nice soothing bedroom!

  15. wow ur bedroom looks cool and i love all knick knacks perfectly places...gone mad on ur bedspread pretty pretty

  16. Thanks everyone for all wonderful suggestions...I really appreciate it.

  17. Tge bedding in the green and white look so fresh especially against the dark wood of your furniture! I see you have a lot of nice suggestions here. I would second drapery and artwork.

    Thanks for linking to Potpourri Friday and helping to make it a success! I appreciate you, sweet friend!

  18. wow.. you bedroom has a very calming feel to it.. i love the overall feel of the room. the bangles look lovely. i agree about the blinds. rest i am a very blind person in terms of color composition:)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!
    Richa @ Hobby And More Food Blog

  19. Lovely room! I think your wedding pics would be lovely in this personal space. Thank you for linking it up at Home Sweet Home!

  20. Hello & thank you for stopping by & leaving a sweet comment on my blog. I love these beautiful bed linens. I wouldn't do the wedding photos over the bed, but something bigger & more dramatic. I saw something cool on Pinterest - they had painted ceiling medallions & hung them in a grouping. Very cool!

    Warmly, Michelle

  21. Oh.. wow!! totally love the hues of green.. I've painted one bedroom green... and am waiting to put some accessories into it.. :-)

  22. What a very relaxing room and such a wonderful shde of green. I just painted the master bedroom green and its so nice waking up to it in the morning. I have a print with two candle sconces over my bed. The guest bedroom still needs something over the bed,looking for the perfect antique print.
    I just love you glass piece thats on a hanger. That is beautiful
    Happy Fall

  23. Wow... well organized.. and less clutter...Love the bedspread... Lovely space , Nayana... I would put some bright art work to complement the dark wood... May be art work and mirror would work out too... depending on the size... You can also add some curtains over the blinds... or remove them off and put the curtain...

  24. I thought I had already put a comment on this bedroom would be so jealous of yours :P


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