New Photography Blog -SHUTTERBUG

I have started blogging on 'Cherish Dream Live' in 2007, but for one or another reason I wasn't able to keep up. This year, in May I have started blogging again and I m loving it, enjoying it.

Cherish Dream Live is mainly for Home decor and gardening, but lately I have been exploring my photography talent so much*smile* , I am overloading with photography posts. So after looking at reader's perspective ,I have decided to start another blog 'SHUTTERBUG' just for photography and keep Cherish Dream Live mainly as decor blog.

I hope you all agree with me....and If you wish join me on my new adventure...


  1. this sounds good....Looking forward to see the new blog...

  2. of luck to you for your re-entry...looking forward to it :)

  3. Hi Thanks for stopping by an leaving those lovely compliments.
    All the best with your new blog.

  4. Your photos are gorgeous...will surely join you on your new blog:)

  5. Wow... a new photography blog means we get to see more of your pictures. Now that sounds interesting :)

    All the best with your new blog, Nayana!

  6. excited...and all the best dear


Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a feedback...I hope you enjoyed reading my blog!

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