Hello Sunshine....

After so many grey, cloudy, muggy , rainy days finally sun is out today here in NJ and I am so happy *smile*. My mood depends on the weather, rainy, cold days make me lazzy and this bright sunshine keeps me happy, cheery...how about you?

We have so much snow,rain this year and on top of that Irene, there has been so much flooding here. I hope sunshine today brings a lil hope in to peoples live.

Sunday Sept 11 is the 10th anniversary of 9/11 terrorist attack in NY, I pray for all the lives lost and families who have lost loved ones on that day.

to peace....

Have a nice weekend everyone.....
Be Safe, Happy and surrounded by Grace of God,Family and Friends....


  1. Glad you are seeing the sun! To peace... yes! Beautiful photo.

  2. ahan...and here its summer and we want rain and not the sunshine :)

  3. I am the same, I need the sun to be happy:):) Have a great weekend Nayana:)

  4. Gosh.. I have lots and lots of the sun.. I think I should send some your way..

    I always tot I was following you.. But I was wrong.. Anyway.. Im following you now!! and sure want you to know.. I definitely look forward to you joining in the weekly story.. at CD.. So Thank you.. for making my day!! :-)

  5. Love this pic Nayana.. Totally refreshing in its simplicity!


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