Diwali Decor - Rangoli Inspirations

Hello Friends, How are you all doing, getting in to festival mood?? I am so ready and excited as Navratri is just a day away and Diwali is coming soon.......

Rangoli is must for Diwali. I love big,bright colorful rangoli surrounded by diyas but Many times in my stay in US I have faced the problems like carpeted floor, not having a big porch or aangan as we have in India and I am sure many of you also have faced the similar problems. So I was looking for alternate ways to do rangoli and I found some beautiful inspirations so thought of that sharing with you all.

How about Rangoli with Beans,lentile, rice etc. all available in home and colorful. Arranging all lentiles,beans in different pattern would look colorful and will give great texture. What I love about below rangoli is that it was just about filling the clear plastic tray...so neat. I love how great the display looks.

(Source -adhirasam)
Another option is floating flower rangoli , arranging flowers or petals in different pattern and layers would look amazing in urli.

(source -rangolidesign.net)

Do not have an urli...no worries...it would looks great in big glass or stainless steel vessel too. add few diyas for added charm.

(source -picasa)
How about using plant stand to give it some height. you can use planter filled with water or bird bath on plant stand too, add flowers and few floating candles and put it by your home entrance and it will look amazing at night.

(source -google)

There are many alternate ways to do rangoli One can use colored sand, salt or draw a rangoli with chalk.

I hope you all are inspired to do rangoli at your home this year because I am *smile*


  1. I'll be celebrating Diwali in India this year and I am so excited ( You got the hint from my post, din't you!)

    Hubs is all excited about crackers. He asked me yesterday what kind of crackers should he get for me and I replied- 'Any thing you want, just get Rangoli colors for me' :)

    Rangoli is my favorite part of Diwali and thankfully this year I won't have carpets to worry about :D

    I loved the ideas you have posted here. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  2. Gorgeous spreads! And thanks for visiting SHP :)

  3. Hey that was wonderful. Cool Idea with the lentils and beans and also the pot holder. Have a nice festival time.

  4. lovely ideas for rangoli.. we hardly find rangoli here and lso there are so many restrictions about what you can put putside the door sinc eit is common porperty of the building etc.. so these could we all inside the house and ina place where we want!

  5. Oh.. what a lovely post… I’m not going to have a rangoli this year..  only coz my new addition Bumble.. (our pet).. seems to want to eat the powder… I’ll have to try something new.. and use coloured chalk.. I know.. it wont look as pretty… but I totally love Rangolis..

    Diwali is always special… its so bright, beautiful, cheerful and pretty.. isn’t it..?? I love to see all the lights, twinkling everywhere.. and the candles.. wow!!

  6. It is pretty Rangoli with grains.
    Nice idea and looks great.

  7. Thank you for such lovely yet simple ideas !!I am definitely using some in our resort in Munnar, India ..will post pics soon (www.mistymountainresort.in) Happy Diwali !..Asha


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