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Hello My friends, Happy Navaratri !!
Months from Sept to Dec are always so special....So many festivals and Living in US means double the perk. We get to celebrate all festivals from our Indian Navratri , Dushera, Diwali to Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas....Around this time I always feel the joy and cheer in surroundings. Happy times...*smile*

To bring in the cheer of festivals and coziness of coming cold days, I did some changes in the living room and I wanted to share with you all. We haven't purchased anything for this room since we moved in to this house, so I have tried to put together with whatever we already had.
Traditional Raja-Rani puppet on both side of window. Cushions in front are tailored made using brocade material and embroidery patch. we really need some nice curtains here. I really do not like blinds but it needs to be changed on all the windows in house so we will get there.

Sofa was purchased on impulse 3 years ago, If I have to buy now, I would not buy this one but it came with a big price tag and it is comfy so staying and I have to work around that*sigh* . Do you buy things that one day you feel like its must have and after some time hmmm...not so much??

This room desperately new coffee table +end tables, but until my son(one and half year old) keeps doing his adventures here, we are holding on it for lil while. I am not sure how long I can...hum?

and this is my favorite seat in the room, love it. just besides my lazy recliner is the arch between Living and dining room, I have hung hand embroidered 12 feet long piece above the arch and hand embroidered diagonal piece on both side of the just a sneak peak...

We do have a plan to paint the big wall but until we reach there I have hung a big embroidered piece(can you guess what that is?) in the middle and artwork on both side which are done by me. I feel like the frames on side looks so small but I worked with what I had..again*sigh*

did you guess? its folded twin embroidered bed sheet *smile*

I loved all your wonderful suggestions on my Bedroom here and thank you so much, it gives me great wonderful ideas. so this time I need your input on my Living Room...

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Diwali Decor - Rangoli Inspirations

Hello Friends, How are you all doing, getting in to festival mood?? I am so ready and excited as Navratri is just a day away and Diwali is coming soon.......

Rangoli is must for Diwali. I love big,bright colorful rangoli surrounded by diyas but Many times in my stay in US I have faced the problems like carpeted floor, not having a big porch or aangan as we have in India and I am sure many of you also have faced the similar problems. So I was looking for alternate ways to do rangoli and I found some beautiful inspirations so thought of that sharing with you all.

How about Rangoli with Beans,lentile, rice etc. all available in home and colorful. Arranging all lentiles,beans in different pattern would look colorful and will give great texture. What I love about below rangoli is that it was just about filling the clear plastic neat. I love how great the display looks.

(Source -adhirasam)
Another option is floating flower rangoli , arranging flowers or petals in different pattern and layers would look amazing in urli.


Do not have an would looks great in big glass or stainless steel vessel too. add few diyas for added charm.

(source -picasa)
How about using plant stand to give it some height. you can use planter filled with water or bird bath on plant stand too, add flowers and few floating candles and put it by your home entrance and it will look amazing at night.

(source -google)

There are many alternate ways to do rangoli One can use colored sand, salt or draw a rangoli with chalk.

I hope you all are inspired to do rangoli at your home this year because I am *smile*

New Photography Blog -SHUTTERBUG

I have started blogging on 'Cherish Dream Live' in 2007, but for one or another reason I wasn't able to keep up. This year, in May I have started blogging again and I m loving it, enjoying it.

Cherish Dream Live is mainly for Home decor and gardening, but lately I have been exploring my photography talent so much*smile* , I am overloading with photography posts. So after looking at reader's perspective ,I have decided to start another blog 'SHUTTERBUG' just for photography and keep Cherish Dream Live mainly as decor blog.

I hope you all agree with me....and If you wish join me on my new adventure...

Peek in to Master Bedroom





All you creative blog friends out there, I need your help.*smile* As you can see there is nothing on the walls yet and I am not able to decide on anything *sigh*

Which one looks better above the headboard?
1. Round mirror.
2. two square artwork.
3. wedding pics I already have. two 8x10 pics matted in 10x13 frames.

Also any suggestion for corner wall between dresser and window.

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Hello sweet people, am I giving you overdose of these? I bet you are tired of seeing Zinnia but I had to share these......I hope you all understand....*smile*









These all are SOOC , no cropping
Click on any pic to go on my flickr stream.

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Fall Centerpeice

Finally, endless rain, cool breeze at night, turning leaves in yellow and red inspired me to get in the mood for fall. I love fall. leaves rustling , I like rustic kind of feeling not creepy *wink*

So here is what I have for you today, super duper easy(I like that) , almost no cost centerpiece. I gathered few branches from the yard, I already had the clear vase from dollar tree, yellow and red leaves also from dollar tree which I bought for another project(show you soon)

I threw some leaves in vase and added branches and voila my super easy centerpiece is ready. I think it will look pretty good on mantel or as a centerpiece on dinner table. I have it on my side table. You can also gather fallen leaves instead of artificial one and you will have this for practically free.


The thing I love most about our house is abundance of Sun light. Its west facing so every room in the house gets good sunlight. Rooms on the backside of the house get morning to noon and rooms in the front side gets from noon til sunset.

Sun streaming through leaves.......


I also put few leaves here and there for that extra feeling....:)


Here is the complete look....I like how simple it looks...


Hello Sunshine....

After so many grey, cloudy, muggy , rainy days finally sun is out today here in NJ and I am so happy *smile*. My mood depends on the weather, rainy, cold days make me lazzy and this bright sunshine keeps me happy, about you?

We have so much snow,rain this year and on top of that Irene, there has been so much flooding here. I hope sunshine today brings a lil hope in to peoples live.

Sunday Sept 11 is the 10th anniversary of 9/11 terrorist attack in NY, I pray for all the lives lost and families who have lost loved ones on that day.

to peace....

Have a nice weekend everyone.....
Be Safe, Happy and surrounded by Grace of God,Family and Friends....

Fresh from my garden - "Autumn Joy" Sedum

Today I am going to share "Autumn Joy" from my garden. These flowers attracts so many bees. I had fun clicking pics with so many bees buzzing and flying around even though it was a rainy day.

Warning: Picture heavy post.

In summer, this is how it looked -like a broccoli head

and now -light pink color

I have seen this plant around but in mine flower heads are crazy big

and its bending down all branches

As autumn gets its peak - flowers turn in to more darker pink color

rain drops...

Bees buzzing....

Critter enjoying flower...

for more Pics click on any photo and it will take you to my flickr stream.

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Indo American Fair

I love fairs, exhibitions etc....I love looking at creative things, handmade things, paintings, posters, jewelry , brass articles, block print cushion covers, colorful bags. Yesterday I got a chance to looks at all this and much more at Indo American Fair at NJ. I would not say that this was the best fair I ever went to but considering it was not in India overall we had good time. big indian community, good food, great stuff,dance performances and yesteryear actress Padmini Kolhapure was there too.

here is a glimpse of her for you all....


Beautiful carved wooden furniture

I loved chairs and that small table..Ohhh...well, who am I kidding I loved everything :)

Beautiful Jewelry

stunning collection of metal and brass....


beautiful mask and warli paintings....

some beautiful knick knacks....

and last but not least....
I loved everything in here...

I loved that kantha boxes.....but I wanted whole tower..not just one and that was expensive*sigh*....

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