Shelf stories in my home

Colours Dekor's August spotlight series is 'Shelf Stories' and to join in the bandwagon I have finally managed to click few pics of shelves in my home.

Shelf between kitchen and dining
I am always changing things on this here are the different versions..

Shelf on corner cabinet in kitchen


Cabinet with glass door in kitchen
I like all white for all mishmash goes in wood panel cabinets:)


Brass pot on right is passed on by my mom


Shelves on the book case in our home office


Blue artwork in center is done by yours truly....:)


So, did you enjoy the stories of shelf in my home?

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Flowers, candles and Irene

Hello my friends, How are you all and How was your weekend? Ours was CRAZY.....but I want to start by saying that WE ARE SAFE! We are so lucky that we do not have any damage, flooding , power lose considering I live in NJ and we were on path of Irene.

We had started gearing up for Irene on Friday with stocking up for food and water. My husband went to walmart and he was saying, he has never seen these much empty selves. water and breads were hard to find in any store. every where long lines.

Saturday morning we could sense that Irene is on way as In the morning it started getting cloudy and rainy,as if you could sense the calmness before the storm. We started preparing for the storm, moving things inside, closing -checking windows, storing up on water, cooking. I tied all the plants to the deck/railings. considering the wind and rain we had, I am happy that my all plants except tomatoes are fine. We do not get flood ever in our basement, even in heavy rains but this was different. we slept late and hubby woke up in night to check up for flooding but everything was good. with all the noise of wind and heavy rain we still got some sleep as we were so tired from preparing everything.

Sunday morning, things started to get little calm and we went outside to check, It did not look so bad, small branches and tons of leaves everywhere. There is huge tree about 15ft from our deck but we were lucky that only small branches were fallen. slowly clouds started opening but still wind was pretty strong all day...Considering the damage everywhere we did pretty good..sound and safe!

My plants were full with flowers and I knew that they will not be able to withstand the wind so I cut few and arranged them in vases and took few shots on saturday night. Irene needed a welcome*wink*








Fresh from my garden - Indian Carpet Dianthus






Thank you, Thank you, Thank you all my friends for your wonderful words on my pics, my garden, flowers.... Thank you so much. *smile* This is my first year of gardening and I really do not have very big garden, few plants in front yard, few pots by stairs and on deck, few plants in little yard space we have behind deck. I am almost out of new flowers for my 'Fresh from my garden' series. Soon you might see flowers from neighborhood...*wink* *wink*

I really appreciate all your comment. It encourage me to do more, though I don't write in my own comment section unless there is a question but I always visit back, see your work and write back...that gives me an opportunity to see other people's work and learn something new.....

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Blog parties keeps me on my toes and helps being creative. Home Decor is my favorite subject and Photography is my latest addiction, both are going well together. Here is the shots of water I clicked in my powder room, I played with shots lil bit in picasa. I do not have photo shop yet but I want it now...:)
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Sky diving

Are you brave enough to experience this, I admit I am not. Hubby is so want to try this but I am big no no *smile*. Lets see If he can convince me some day ....*wink*
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Gift wrap - recycling

On friday,I stumbled upon a blog Girl About Home and as I was browsing through her posts I found eco friendly gift wrap ideas, she has so many beautiful ideas, love it.
Coincidentally We had to attend a birthday party on Saturday and we were out of gift warping paper. In our home gift warping dept is hubby's. If I have to take a gift , I would just put it in a gift bag :) but After seeing that post, I got inspired and wrapped a gift for 3 year old's birthday.
I wrapped the gift with news paper then added some plash of color, if you have a kids then involve them and let them be creative, doodle, paint, stickers whatever interest them and they will feel proud with their personal touch.
For the bow again i reused some of the balloon ties we had...i don't throw them :)This is the first timed I have wrapped a gift and I am motivated to do this again. Now on, I am gonna collect all different papers, comics etc... and reuse it in gift wrapping.

Happy Independence Day to all Indians!!
What do you think, like it? Do you wrap your gifts Eco friendly way? Got some more ideas...please share...

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