Things out of packet can grow :)Zinnia...

Yes, things out of packet can grow :) See the Zinnias I planted here. It has turned in to tall plant with beautiful, colorful, vibrant flowers. yes, really tall.

instruction on packet said 30-36 inches but clearly they are more taller then that. I grew few in pots so I had to tied them up.These pics are few days old, now they are full with buds waiting to become flower. I am inspired now to grow more plants from seeds. I have whole loooong list for next summer*wink*.

See, who is trying to look through door?

I am getting few visitors too..Bees, Butterflies, And I saw Hummingbird too..:)

Want to see more closeups?? patience, patience....*smile*... I will show you soon with Fresh from my garden series...

P.s. Do you like the new look of blog? or Old look was better?need your honest opinion...
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  1. They grew beautifully.
    I love your fourth shot focusing on the pink one - lovely!

  2. very pretty nayana...
    an AWARD is there for you nayana...
    visit my blog...

  3. Exactly my thoughts, Nayana! You remember the Marigold on my blog? It was actually the seeds that I planted. I can see a few more buds... waiting for them to bloom. Hopefully in the next couple of days :)

    BTW... those pictures are breathtaking. Looks like your camera is working for you :)

    Have fun!

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  5. Lovely blooms .it is such a great joy to see ones own grown bloom from the scratch.thank you for visiting me and leaving behind such sweet notes.I like the look of your blog .am signing up to follow you:)

  6. very beautiful and soothing colors....lovely clicks
    A Girl's Diary

  7. Wow! beautiful! My daughter and i tried a couple, but flopped! May be we should try again..


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