Things out of packet can grow :)Zinnia...

Yes, things out of packet can grow :) See the Zinnias I planted here. It has turned in to tall plant with beautiful, colorful, vibrant flowers. yes, really tall.

instruction on packet said 30-36 inches but clearly they are more taller then that. I grew few in pots so I had to tied them up.These pics are few days old, now they are full with buds waiting to become flower. I am inspired now to grow more plants from seeds. I have whole loooong list for next summer*wink*.

See, who is trying to look through door?

I am getting few visitors too..Bees, Butterflies, And I saw Hummingbird too..:)

Want to see more closeups?? patience, patience....*smile*... I will show you soon with Fresh from my garden series...

P.s. Do you like the new look of blog? or Old look was better?need your honest opinion...
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Weekend Inspiration - DIY to do

Image : Via

I just love it, don't you?? It is in my DIY to do list. This garden chandelier is by Michelle Kaufmann , She has given a step by step guide in PDF on how to make one. looks pretty easy. All you need is round cooling rack, some s shape hooks, wire, few glass jars, few beaded chains and of course candles:)

So Are you inspired? If you do make one, I would like to see your version. I do not have much time for DIYing *wink* but If I like something I will post on blog to bookmark.

Have a nice weekend everyone! Stay cool......

Stir Fried Green Tomatoes Recipie - Indian Style

As you know I am in tomato heaven now a days So I am gonna show you today How to make Stir Fried Green Tomatoes in Indian style.

It goes well with Chapatis(Indian flatbread)and sabji/curry or goes well with cooked rice too.


2 tbsp. oil
2 medium hot pepper, sliced
Salt - per taste
1/2 tsp sugar/per taste
hard green tomatoes, cut in med. wedges
1/4 tsp mustard seeds
1/2 spoon Fenugreek
seasoning (I will show you how to make)
pinch of Asafoetida

Fenugreek seasoning

This is secret seasoning from both mine and hubby's family. You can make the seasoning once and store it in jar for later use. first take half cup(or whatever amount you want) of dried fenugreek and roast it in a pan. let it cool off and grind in mixer to make powder as shown in above pic.

Now How to make Stir fried green tomatoes...

Heat oil in skillet
add mustard seeds (If you do not have, cumin seeds will work too)
add pinch of Asafoetida(If you do not have, you can skip this step, though it brings great flavor)
add peppers, Stir-fry over medium heat until peppers are crisp-tender.
Add tomato wedges, salt, sugar and cook until partially cooked so it remains crispy.

Serve in plate and sprinkle it with secret fenugreek seasoning, if you want you can skip it and garnish it with chopped cilantro, but I like it better with seasoning.

for variation you can add different color bell peppers too.

P.S. This is the first time I have written a recipe, Pl. do let me know if something is not clear....
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Fresh from my garden - Red Roses

Hello Beautiful people, here is something from my garden to brighten your day.

Do you like what you see?? Its the result of my new Nikon D5000, well exactly not new because we have this camera in home since 9 months and I started using it since 3 weeks, can you believe it?????????? I mean How could I not realize what a beautiful gadget it is??

May be because I was very comfortable with my tiny canon SD400 which I can carry in my purse or too lazy to takeout big camera from bag (secretly "I was afraid of using it") but now I am hooked so you guys will have a good visual on my blog or on some days not because I still get lazy sometimes so.......

I am thinking of doing this 'Fresh from my garden' series every week until I have flowers in my garden.

Images: mine, using NikonD5000, straight out of camera

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Playing with Tomatoes......

Hello My lovelies, How are you all doing and How was your weekend?? mine was super fun....

We are under a heatwave and having a scorching temp but had a super fun day yesterday at Hurricane harbor in six flags. My son had an awesome time...He loves playing in water.

Well, now you must be thinking what she was doing in water park, playing with tomatoes??? patience..patience my dear....coming to the point. Remember the tomato plants I have on my deck, well watering in 100 F degrees is paying off...well it sure feels more than that with the humidity but its worth it with the delicious tomatoes I m getting and look at how much I m getting...tons...literally and there is so many still on the plants I am set on tomatoes this summer. I guess not bad result for growing them in containers. So all my lovelies without yard space, get inspired.

I just reused the containers we got when we did our front landscaping this spring.

So what I have been doing with them?? mean it for real. I was playing with them and made this centerpiece for my breakfast table on friday morning. isn't it fun playing and making something beautiful...tell me ...tell me. I know you think so too....

Bowls you see here, were passed to me by mother-in law.

So you must bee thinking whats with all these green tomatoes. well these green ones turns in to red delicious in 2-3 days and there was so many on plants so I had to pick few so others will have a chance to grow and As I write half of what you see in pic are red and yellow.

Other thing is I like is sabji/curry of green tomatoes+eggplants and stir fried green tomatoes with green chili as a side so I use green ones too.

So what do you say? did you enjoyed my play???
Pics are straight out of camera.

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Fresh from my garden -Roses

"True friendship is like a Rose. We can't realize it's beauty until it fades."
~ author unknown

This is what I see now a days, every time I enter or leave the house.
These pics are straight out of camera.

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Enchanting Entrance

Our Home doesn't have Foyer but as you enter in the house on the side of the door there is coat rack, which we don't use as one as we have a coat closet. Rack was already there when we bought the house , I don't like it much but do not have energy or time to paint if I remove it, so this is what I did

Always love to look at pics of my son

Colorful Bell

more colors with Bags
Green one is sewn by my Sis

Right side of Entrance

Closer look

left side of Entrance

Outside on the Front Porch
Closer look

This is How It Looked Before

And Before That...
So What Do You Think..........???????

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Photo Wall Again....

Last year we created a photo wall, which looked like this (see Post @ that here)

I very much love looking at the photos everyday, my son kinda talks to them, smiles and I change the pics time by time so we have a new memories to see through but I felt it looks plain/boring so we added this 'Live Laugh Love' vinyl letters on top

and in the corner of that wall we hung a bird mobile that my sis and sis-in-law hand made. I love this piece and its super heavy. They made bird out of cloth and my sis in law did all the moti work (tiny tiny beads) on top and two birds are connected by lots and lots of codi(some kind of shell) and at the bottom some bells.

This how the wall looks you like it?? I feel like it still needs something....may be sconces with candles on side....what do you say? or that will be too much??? or any other idea???

Edited to add the upated pic :)
photo wall

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