Beauty or Beast

Well..Well...These Beauties were delivered to my front door or should I say Beast*wink wink*. For a long time , I was thinking of Tree trunk table and when I saw that they are cutting the tree in my street, I went and ask if I can have piece, but as so many power tools were blaring, they didn't let me come near so I didn't get to choose what I wanted. they delivered these two pieces of trunk at my front yard.

Smaller one I am thinking of using as side table on my deck but what I m going to with bigger one?? they are very heavy....I mean really really HEAVY. Hubs going to have a hard time taking it to Backyard. Any ideas Folks???????????

some information I found is here on how to make one.

Some inspiration from web

image via Vivaterra

Image via Todays crafter
Image via West Elm

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  1. Wow, a tree trunk table... That;s a wonderful idea... Am sure it wud add a real rustic look to wherever u are placing it... Do post on how you manage to peel off the bark and smoothen the surface... It wud be a great tip !

  2. Nayana this is gonna be a gr8 project. Let us know what u've done of these two tree trunks.

  3. cool nayana...i love using this as center table...adorable post...

  4. oh my gosh!! this is so simple and gorgeous! I love the use of ladder in home decor.. *sigh* I havent found one .. or have been able to make one as yet..

  5. Patty..I too love that last pic!

  6. Nayana, I too have two such pieces which I got from a friend. They've been lying in my yard for months...still need to figure out what to do with them...

  7. Neha, they are lying in my front yard :( need to move them fast to back yard .

  8. gr8 idea, keep it up, wooden always works best.. actually v dnt hav enough energy to break it out, o/w i plan 2 mk wooden kids stuff like cart or chair, or smthing like tht..

  9. SO did you ever did anything with the logs?

  10. For a time being we kept smaller one on our deck but these are actually huge so need decent in size.


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