Beauty or Beast

Well..Well...These Beauties were delivered to my front door or should I say Beast*wink wink*. For a long time , I was thinking of Tree trunk table and when I saw that they are cutting the tree in my street, I went and ask if I can have piece, but as so many power tools were blaring, they didn't let me come near so I didn't get to choose what I wanted. they delivered these two pieces of trunk at my front yard.

Smaller one I am thinking of using as side table on my deck but what I m going to with bigger one?? they are very heavy....I mean really really HEAVY. Hubs going to have a hard time taking it to Backyard. Any ideas Folks???????????

some information I found is here on how to make one.

Some inspiration from web

image via Vivaterra

Image via Todays crafter
Image via West Elm

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Fun, Food, Decore

Fun Day at Shepherd Lake,NJ
had a blast!
New Bedding for Summer in Master Bedroom the crisp clean look!

Happy Father's Day
My 15 month Old made a Card with the help of Mommy
Pav Bhaji- Dont go with presentation, It was yummy :)
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Zinnia Plants

I love how vibrant the flowers look on seed bag cover, so I bought and planted some in pots, some in backyard and its looking good, hope I get those vibrant Zinnia flowers. will update.

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Greens in my Kitchen

Ficus basket made my green kitchen more greener this weekend.

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Tomato plants on my deck

Methi (fenugreek) in my backyard

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Front porch

Well, its not exactly a portch, just itsy bitsy one. someday I would like to have a house with big porch. this April we did front lanscaping and roses are looking good.

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