Salad decoration

When It comes to food, we all want some yummy for our taste buds but before we put the food in our mouth we eat it with our eyes first , rt? We all want first impression to be right and when it comes to food if presentation is beautiful, we just can't wait to dig in.

Here is the quick salad platter that I put together in the wee hours of morning for temple Annkut on Diwali. 

step 1: First cut all vegetables of your choice in to strips.vegetables I have used are avocado, carrots, cucumber, red green and yellow bell pepper. For avocado sprinkle some lemon juice so it doesn't turn black and looks fresh. By cutting in stripes it easier to dip in to dressing or any dips.

step 2: seperate the leaves of romaine lettuce and layered the plate with it. if you do not have lettuce, you can use cabbage leaves too.

step 3: arrange all vegetable strips on outer side of the plate with some space between each vegetable.

step 4: put some grape tomatoes in the space between the vegetable strips. you can also use grapes, berries instead of cherry tomatoes.

step 4: now layer few more lettuce leaves in the center.

step 5: step by step instructions on how to create tomato rose can be found here. believe me on that, it is SUPER EASY. Top it with tomato rose.

Plase ignore the quality of the was very early in the morning and before my blogging days :)


  1. That looks awesome! I love crunchy salad platters!

  2. Awesome salad dressing! Looks perfect!

  3. dids, very nice salad carving

  4. Hi Nayana...

    Mmmm...not only does your vegetable relish plate look delicious but it's sooo pretty too! Love how you fashioned a rose out of the tomato! I need to learn how to do that! I stand amazed at all of the fruit and vegetable creations that people make these days! Thank you so much for sharing this sweet post with us for the Sunday Favorites repost party this week! It was a real pleasure having you join in with the fun, my friend!

    Have a super Sunday!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  5. That is a stunning salad plate. Such creativity and beautiful colour.

  6. This salad looks so yumm, beautiful and colorful. Well done Nayana :)


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