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Since we bought the house, we are not able to do much as per decor(busy with very active 6 month old boy) but after looking at lovely pics of my son, i so wanted to have photo wall.

First step on creating the wall was to decide the location. We have an open plan living dining room. Between living and Dining we chose Dining room to display personal photos and every time when you have to go in to the kitchen you have to pass by the this wall.

I did spent some time looking at photo gallery inspirations. First thing we decided was to have all the frames of same style. then we decide on the size we wanted to include.

There was going to be lots of frames and we also did not wanted to do this on a limited budget. So while searching for the frames I came across a set of 6 frames on kohls, it has all the sizes we wanted. we wanted to have big gallery of photos so bought 2 sets.

After bringing the frames home we started on layout...we have two 10x30 , two 8x10, four 5x7 and four 4x6.we tried different layout on the floor and clicked the pic of the layout we decided

Now the layout was decided, It was time to mark the placement of each frame on wall using painters tape. K spend lot of his time on this project. He has to measure nail position for each and every frame. Nail positions were diferent for even the frames of same size so had to measure for each one.
Spacing between each frame has to be the same so masked the tape according to all measurement. Then put the nails on marked position for each frame and hung it.

Here is the closer look with updated pics...

Do you like to display and look at photo of your family?


  1. Oh.. I am so thrilled to see this.. I worked on a frame wall this weekend as well..

    Your wall looks lovely.. and you've done the absolute right things.. Awesome.. Cant wait to see more of your gorgeous home!!

  2. Thanks to see ur blog!

  3. I love how well planned out everything is---the wall looks lovely! Nice to see your blog!

  4. WoW ! This has turned out great... !! I like it...


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