Cook's Nook

Kitchen entrance
view of kitchen from Dining room
Breakfast table in kitchen
Cook's main area

 I wouldn't say cooking is my fav thing but kitchen is one of my favorite room in the house.


  1. Hi Nayana,

    Thank you so much to your fab contribution to It's the cook's nook! Love your kitchen, and I especially liked the pretty kitchen napkins, the lovely ladle holder, and the sandwich/coffee counter. Lovely stuff, and I am off to see the rest of your blog now!

    - Sharon

  2. Oh.. this is such a gorgeous looking kitchen Nayana!! Your nook is very pretty!

  3. Thanks Sharon and Patricia:)


  4. Beautiful! Love how it looks :)

  5. That's a beautiful kitchen, loved the ladle holder.

  6. Lovely... Love the entryway to the kitchen with colorful hangings... the devils' ivy.... Totally the space looks beautiful and well-organized with less clutter..(my kinda space... !!)

  7. aaawww.. thank you for linking in.. :-)

  8. Nayana I've seen it earlier looks soooo nice, green and b'ful.


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