Happy Diwali!

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Siging off from here for two months! I am going India for Diwali and will be back after Christmas, yay............Enjoy!

Salad decoration

When It comes to food, we all want some yummy for our taste buds but before we put the food in our mouth we eat it with our eyes first , rt? We all want first impression to be right and when it comes to food if presentation is beautiful, we just can't wait to dig in.

Here is the quick salad platter that I put together in the wee hours of morning for temple Annkut on Diwali. 

step 1: First cut all vegetables of your choice in to strips.vegetables I have used are avocado, carrots, cucumber, red green and yellow bell pepper. For avocado sprinkle some lemon juice so it doesn't turn black and looks fresh. By cutting in stripes it easier to dip in to dressing or any dips.

step 2: seperate the leaves of romaine lettuce and layered the plate with it. if you do not have lettuce, you can use cabbage leaves too.

step 3: arrange all vegetable strips on outer side of the plate with some space between each vegetable.

step 4: put some grape tomatoes in the space between the vegetable strips. you can also use grapes, berries instead of cherry tomatoes.

step 4: now layer few more lettuce leaves in the center.

step 5: step by step instructions on how to create tomato rose can be found here. believe me on that, it is SUPER EASY. Top it with tomato rose.

Plase ignore the quality of the pics...it was very early in the morning and before my blogging days :)

Photo gallery wall

Since we bought the house, we are not able to do much as per decor(busy with very active 6 month old boy) but after looking at lovely pics of my son, i so wanted to have photo wall.

First step on creating the wall was to decide the location. We have an open plan living dining room. Between living and Dining we chose Dining room to display personal photos and every time when you have to go in to the kitchen you have to pass by the this wall.

I did spent some time looking at photo gallery inspirations. First thing we decided was to have all the frames of same style. then we decide on the size we wanted to include.

There was going to be lots of frames and we also did not wanted to do this on a limited budget. So while searching for the frames I came across a set of 6 frames on kohls, it has all the sizes we wanted. we wanted to have big gallery of photos so bought 2 sets.

After bringing the frames home we started on layout...we have two 10x30 , two 8x10, four 5x7 and four 4x6.we tried different layout on the floor and clicked the pic of the layout we decided

Now the layout was decided, It was time to mark the placement of each frame on wall using painters tape. K spend lot of his time on this project. He has to measure nail position for each and every frame. Nail positions were diferent for even the frames of same size so had to measure for each one.
Spacing between each frame has to be the same so masked the tape according to all measurement. Then put the nails on marked position for each frame and hung it.

Here is the closer look with updated pics...

Do you like to display and look at photo of your family?

Cook's Nook

Kitchen entrance
view of kitchen from Dining room
Breakfast table in kitchen
Cook's main area

 I wouldn't say cooking is my fav thing but kitchen is one of my favorite room in the house.

Lanscape Painting

Wow..two posts in one day:) well, I started this blog in 2007 but now I m commited to post frequently to recharge me. :)

@ painting - this is water color painting, was done by me probably in 2009. This was a very quick 15 min landscape painting as per thoughts in my mind and created to use some leftover color from the other painting done that day.

Mixing Plants

This summer I tried to mix the plants in one pot, I like it. I like the big Dumb cane(Dieffenbachia) leaf with small palm leaves. I wish I would have added on hanging plant also like Ivy/Potho, may be I will add Ivy beacuse potho kinda similar to Dumb Cane. I will post picture of that once I will add it in pot.

Treasure find

Last weekend I went to Lowes in search to find smthing.. and look at what I got...loving it...brass watering can(got at great bargain ; $4). right now its gracing our office with its presence.


(Photograph clicked by me)

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